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CP13/18: Quarterly Consultation Paper No. 3 (CP13/18)

Published: 06/12/2013     Last Modified: 30/08/2015

Once a quarter, we consult on proposed miscellaneous amendments to our Handbook. These tend to be minor changes but we still want to get your feedback on our proposals.

CP13/17: Use of dealing commission (CP13/17)

Published: 25/11/2013     Last Modified: 30/08/2015

We are consulting on proposed changes to our use of dealing commission rules in our Conduct of Business Sourcebook (COBS).

CP13/16: Competition in the market for services provided by a Recognised Investment Exchange: proposed amendments to REC (CP13/16)

Published: 18/11/2013     Last Modified: 15/01/2015

We are consulting on changes to our Recognised Investment Exchanges sourcebook (REC) to make it clear how we will take competition considerations into account when performing our particular functions as the supervisor of Recognised Investment Exchanges (RIEs) and Recognised Overseas Investment Exchanges (ROIEs).

CP13/15: Enhancing the effectiveness of the Listing Regime: feedback to CP12/25 and further consultation on related issues (CP13/15)

Published: 05/11/2013     Last Modified: 27/04/2016

In this paper, we are setting out a package of measures designed to protect minority shareholders by giving them additional voting rights and greater influence over key decisions.

CP13/14: Regulatory fees and levies: policy proposals for 2014/15 (CP13/14)

Published: 31/10/2013     Last Modified: 15/01/2015

This CP sets out our proposed policy changes to our fee and levy regimes. We are funded entirely by the fees and levies recovered from the firms we regulate – we receive no subsidies from other sources.

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