Contact the UKLA - Financial Conduct Authority

How to contact the FCA’s UKLA Department

Published: 20/05/2015     Last Modified: 27/04/2016

You can use the following facilities to find more information on how to get guidance on the Listing Rules, the Prospectus Rules and the Disclosure and Transparency Rules, how to submit documents to the UKLA Department electronically and how to subscribe for our Primary Market Bulletins. We also explain how you can write to us regarding a potential breach of the Listing Rules, the Prospectus Rules or the Disclosure and Transparency Rules.

Line Area Hours Enquiries concerning

General Administrative queries (UKLA Department only)

020 7066 8348

020 7066 8349

8am - 6pm
  • getting copies of rulebooks, forms and checklists
  • receipt of faxes and other submissions
  • electronic submissions
  • details of the review team on transaction review cases
  • details of sponsor supervision relationship manager
  • Sponsor Service Enquiries



Listing Applications

020 7066 8352

020 7066 8364

8am - 6pm
  • documents required when applying for admission to listing
  • timing of listing applications
  • block listing applications
  • other general queries about LR3 R  and LR5 R

Emergency line

020 7066 8354

7am – 6 pm (Monday - Friday)*
  • contacting the FCA before announcing a reverse takeover which has been agreed or is in contemplation (LR5.6.6 R)
  • urgent live markets situations such as suspensions (including those in connection with reverse takeovers and companies in severe financial difficulty) and urgent queries relating to disclosure of inside information only
4 Early Engagement Team
Enquiry Service
  • debt issuance

*We aim to provide coverage on the Emergency Helpline where reasonable outside office hours.

Once UKLA staff members have been assigned to handle your live review / approval case, you will receive their contact details; if you do not have these details please call the General Administrative line. Your assigned case review team will act as your direct point of contact for any discussion or queries relating to a live case. Existing sponsors should direct their sponsor supervisory enquiries to their relationship manager. If you no longer have the details of your relationship manager, please call the General Administrative line.


Issuer fees

Find information on fees payable by issuers relating to their application for admission to the Official List or formal FCA review of prospectuses or other documents requiring formal approval under the Listing Rules or Prospectus Rules.