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EMIR web portal Questions and Answers

This set of questions and answers are to be used in conjunction with the 'user guide to the EMIR notifications web portal' to help counterparties use the system.

These Q&As are split into five sections:

Registering and logging on to the portal

Q1: I have tried to register a counterparty but the system tells me it is already registered. What should I do?


When you attempt to register a counterparty which has already been registered an email will be sent to the person who originally registered that counterparty (they will by default be that counterparty’s superuser). If you are within the same group they may contact you to discuss making you a user. Until they do, you will not be able to make notifications on behalf of that counterparty. If you believe that this counterparty has been registered in error then please contact the EMIR team at EMIR@fca.org.uk.

Q2: I have forgotten my password, how do I log in?


Please go to the log in screen and click on ‘Can’t access your account’. You will get an email that will allow you to reset your password.

Q3: I have registered but what is my username?


Your username will be the email address that you used to register.

Q4: What are the rules for creating a password?


All passwords must be:

  • A minimum of six characters in length;
  • Contain at least one capital letter;
  • Contain at least one number; and
  • Contain at least one special character (!, ‘, £, %, etc)

Q5: I don’t have an FCA Firm Reference Number (FRN); can I still complete registration and make notifications?


Yes, if you do not have an FRN then this field can be left blank.

Q6: Do I need to have a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) to register to use the portal?


Financial and non-financial counterparties are expected to enter an LEI as their counterparty identifier when registering to use the portal. For more information on obtaining an LEI please see our reporting pages.

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