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We regulate firms to make sure the advice they give customers about investments is clear, easy to understand and unbiased.

We want customers to make an informed choice. They should understand the benefits of an investment product, any potential risks to their investment and fees they have to pay.

Explore this section to find out how firms can ensure they give accurate and fair advice on pensions, real estate investment trusts and structured products.

Pension switching

Last Modified: 08/01/2016

Pension switching is when a person gets advice to move from one pension scheme to another. The FSA's follow-up review (2012) identified similar issues and new risks to that of their initial review in 2008.

Pension transfers

Published: 30/08/2015     Last Modified: 27/10/2015

A pension transfer is where an occupational pension is moved to a personal pension.

Pension unlocking – financial promotions

Last Modified: 30/08/2015

When your firm promotes the ways a clients can access money invested in their pensions, the information given must be accurate and in particular must not emphasise any potential benefits without giving a fair and prominent indication of any relevant risks.