Meeting your obligations - Financial Conduct Authority

Meeting your obligations

Regulated firms need to follow the rules to ensure they run their businesses in the best interests of consumers and uphold the integrity of the financial services industry.

In this section you’ll find one-minute guides offering quick and easy checklists, advice and information.

We also guide you on how to:

  • use the Conduct Business Sourcebook to help you follow business rules and regulations
  • advertise your financial products clearly and fairly
  • manage and protect your business
  • assess your staff’s competency and technical knowledge
  • give impartial advice on retail investments
  • employ best practice


How do I assess a person's competence?

How do I assess a person's competence?
Last Modified: 06/08/2015

The fit and proper test is a benchmark used to assess an individual’s suitability to perform a controlled function. The most important considerations are the individual's honesty, integrity and reputation; competence and capability; and financial soundness.

Conduct of Business Sourcebook

Published: 30/08/2015     Last Modified: 10/11/2015

COBS took effect from 1 November 2007. It replaced COB (the FSA sourcebook for investment business) and ECO (the specialist sourcebook implementing the Electronic Commerce Directive).

Financial promotions and adverts

Published: 06/08/2015     Last Modified: 07/10/2015

The financial promotions regime exists to protect consumers from unfair, unclear or misleading marketing. In many cases, advertising is the first contact firms have with their potential future customers.

Good practice

Last Modified: 06/08/2015

Good practice means using the best ways of working to achieve your business objectives. Find out how to promote good practice in your firm.

One-minute guides

Published: 16/03/2015     Last Modified: 25/02/2016

One-minute guides are designed to quickly explain a range of FCA topics and policies in simple terms. These guides make a useful starting point if you are new to a specific subject.