Enforcement - Financial Conduct Authority


The job of enforcement is to help the FCA change behaviour by making it clear that there are real and meaningful consequences for those firms or individuals who don’t play by the rules.

Credible deterrence will remain central to our enforcement approach.  We will produce timely, robust and cost effective outcomes to help the FCA achieve its objectives of making sure that firms put consumers at the heart of their business and markets work well.

We will build on the progress already made by:

  • bringing more enforcement cases and pressing for tough penalties for infringements of rules to reset conduct standards
  • pursuing more cases against individuals and holding members of senior management accountable for their actions
  • pursuing criminal prosecutions, including for insider dealing and market manipulation
  • taking action to tackle unauthorised business
  • continuing to prioritise getting compensation for consumers

We are committed to identifying potential problems at an early stage, and will continue to work closely with other organisations both at home and abroad to combat financial crime.

How we enforce the law

Last Modified: 30/08/2015

We use a wide range of Enforcement powers – criminal, civil and regulatory – to protect consumers and to take action against firms or individuals that do not meet our standards.

Outcomes and Notices

Last Modified: 03/02/2014

Publishing notices is important to ensure the transparency of FCA decision-making; it informs the public and helps maximise the deterrent effect of enforcement action.

Warnings and Alerts

Last Modified: 06/11/2014

We issue alerts about financial services firms and individuals, based both overseas and in the UK, which are operating without FCA authorisation.