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Published: 04/10/2014
Find out how we use transparency and disclosure to regulate the financial services industry.

As a public body, we should be as open and accountable as possible.

We are open to being scrutinised by consumers, firms and Parliament.

We have two new regulatory principles that make this transparency a priority.


  • publish information about regulated firms and individuals, or require them to do so
  • function as transparently as possible

Latest News

Today we published the Feedback Statement to the Discussion paper and the FCA’s Transparency Framework

Read the transparency feedback statement - FS13/1 and the transparency framework document.

In March 2013, we published our Transparency Discussion Paper DP13/01. It set out our approach to transparency and proposed ideas on how we could be more transparent about our organisation and our regulatory activities, and about how firms could be more transparent about their products and their performance or behaviour.

We are continuing our debate into how the FCA and the financial services industry can be more transparent.

Transparency Discussion Paper

Discussion Paper - DP13/1

Responses to the Discussion Paper

March transparency DP

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