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Making complaints about us

Last Modified: 28/01/2015
The Financial Services Act 2012 requires the Financial Conduct Authority, the Prudential Regulation Authority and the Bank of England to have arrangements for the investigation of complaints against them. These arrangements are known as the Complaints Scheme.

Complaints Commissioner’s final reports

Read the Complaints Commissioner’s final reports and our responses.

For complaints against the PRA please go to their website.

For complaints against the Bank of England please go to their website.

What does the Scheme cover?

Before complaining, please ensure that your complaint is against one of the regulators. The Complaints Scheme is separate from and NOT an alternative to the Financial Ombudsman Service (the Ombudsman) or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

If you are looking for information about how to make a complaint against a regulated firm, please see our complaints information for consumers.

Anyone who is directly affected by the FCA's actions or inactions – or anyone acting on this person's behalf – may lodge a complaint against the FCA.

A complaint is defined as "any expression of dissatisfaction about the manner in which the regulators have carried out, or failed to carry out, their relevant functions".

Details about circumstances where we may exclude or not investigate a complaint can be found in our leaflet Complaints against the regulators.

What does the Complaints Scheme do?

Stage 1– investigation of complaints by us

If appropriate, we may decide that your complaint can be handled locally. This allows the area of the FCA most closely connected with the matter complained about to respond to complaints promptly.

Where this is not appropriate, your complaint will be dealt with under:

  • The Main Scheme for complaints about matters arising on or after 1 April 2013; or
  • The Transitional Scheme for complaints against the FSA (the predecessor of the FCA and the PRA) about matters that arose between 1 December 2001 and 31 March 2013.

Complaints dealt with under the Main or Transitional Scheme will be investigated independently and impartially, in accordance with the Scheme. All valid complaints are investigated thoroughly, with lessons learnt from the investigations passed back to senior management and to the business to ensure that the FCA continually improves its performance. This helps create an environment of continuous performance improvement within the FCA.

We take the matters raised by complainants seriously – focusing our efforts on handling and resolving complaints quickly and impartially, while treating complainants with courtesy and sensitivity.

Stage 2 – referral to the Office of the Complaints Commissioner

If you are dissatisfied with the progress of your complaint or the way we have dealt with it, you have the right to refer the complaint to the Office of the Complaints Commissioner - this should usually be made within three months of the date of the FCA's final decision at Stage 1. Any referral outside the three month time limit may still be considered by the Complaints Commissioner where there are adequate reasons for the delay.

If the FCA either excludes or otherwise cannot investigate your complaint under the Scheme, you can refer the matter to the Complaints Commissioner directly. He has discretion to decide whether the complaint falls within the scope of the Scheme and, if so, whether he proposes to conduct an investigation himself or require the FCA to first conduct its own investigation.

Possible outcomes

If we consider your complaint to be justified, we will tell you what we propose to do in order to remedy it. The remedies we might offer include:

  • an apology
  • taking steps to remedy an error
  • a compensatory payment on an exgratia basis, where appropriate

If we conclude that your complaint is not justified, we will give you our reasons.


We will acknowledge complaints within five working days, and we will inform you within four weeks if the complaint is inside or outside the scope of the Scheme. Following that, you will be contacted at regular intervals to be kept up-to-date with the progress of our investigation.

How can you make a complaint?

The easiest way to make a complaint is by completing a complaints form. Alternatively you can:

  • download a printable form which can be sent to us at the address below
  • email us at
  • write to us at:
    Financial Conduct Authority
    25 The North Colonnade
    Canary Wharf
    London E14 5HS
  • call the Complaints Helpline on 020 7066 9870

It is important to note that under the Scheme, regulated firms are required to make any complaint in writing. We can take complaints from consumers over the telephone. However, we do recommend that you complete a form to ensure that it is a complaint that we can deal with it.