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How we operate

We are an independent organisation, funded entirely by the firms we regulate. While we are not a Government organisation, we are accountable to the Treasury and to Parliament.

We evaluate the effect our work has so that we can find ways to improve. We state our key milestones for the year in our Business Plan. And we describe the progress we have made against our business plan, how we use data and how we continue to pursue our statutory objectives in our Annual Report.

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Service standards:

Quarterly KPIs - 2015/2016: March 2016

As a new organisation we revised our service standards in line with our commitment to transparency – we now have 54. We also introduced four new KPIs, which relate to publishing enhanced information about our authorisations process.

Archived Quarterly Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Archived FCA Service Standards

The principles

Last Modified: 13/05/2016

We must consider the principles of good regulation when carrying out our work. And regulated firms must adhere to the principles for businesses, which are their fundamental obligations as set out in our Handbook.

Who we report to

Last Modified: 28/01/2015

We are an independent financial regulator, accountable to the Treasury and, through it, to Parliament.

Corporate responsibility

Last Modified: 28/01/2015

Good corporate citizenship and corporate responsibility are important parts of our identity, both as an employer and a regulator. They sit at the heart of our culture and are part of everything we do.


Published: 21/02/2015     Last Modified: 07/03/2016

We set out to be as open and accountable as possible, so we can be scrutinised by consumers, firms and Parliament.

Making complaints about us

Last Modified: 28/01/2015

The Financial Services Act 2012 requires the Financial Conduct Authority, the Prudential Regulation Authority and the Bank of England to have arrangements for the investigation of complaints against them. These arrangements are known as the Complaints Scheme.

Annual Report 2014/15

Our Annual Report sets out how we have performed over the last year.

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Business Plan 2016/17

Find out about our priorities for the year ahead.

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